In order to keep my clients always informed about the daily progress of each project I use up to four different tracking tools hosted in cloud services that allow me to optimize the work flow.

  1. Trello: Is a project & tasks management web app that provides boards in which to organize tasks related with a project. Every time I start a new project I open a new board and I share it with my client, so the client can see how I subdivide the project in small task and follow how the task are getting done.Trello
  2. Google Sheet – Worked hours follow-up tool: A shared Google spreadsheet is updated every day with the number of hours spent in the project and a small summary of the performed tasks. In the case there were any extra collaborators they work will also be annotated in the spreadsheet.Control de horas
  3. Bitbucket: If the project involves coding then a private repository inside Bitbucket will be used. Every time there is some progress in the code of the project I will do commit (code upload) to the repository so the client can see the changes or even test the code in a Heroku‘s app for testing.Bitbucket
  4. Google Drive: If there is a need for sharing big files (videos, audio, big pictures) a temporal shared folder in Google Drive will be created. The client will be able to see the last versions of the files there.Google Drive

The client always have the last word on which of these tools should be used.