Diego Pau Avatar

UI/UX freelance

UI/UX – Mobile app design – Justinmind Prototyper expert

I am an engineer, a mobile UI/UX designer and an enthusiast of web and mobile usability.

My specialties are user interface and user experience design for complex web/mobile apps, and mobile apps prototyping using Justinmind Prototyper. My goal is that your users can feel rewarded after each use of your app/website and that they develop trust and satisfaction for your brand with every new access.

In order to deliver the best results I meticulously follow my own workflow and I use cloud services to offer my clients an insight on every step of the development.

I am also an entrepreneur, I created and co-founded the startup chattyhive in 2013, a social chat app that took lots of complex UI/UX work. Learn more about me here.